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Using RIMS to start the Rehabilitation Technology Process


How do I access the rehabilitation technology consultant services?

How do I check the service detail?

How do I check the status of the request?


How do I access the rehabilitation technology consultant services?

The shortcut icons for the R.T.C. services are found in the following processes

  • Extended Evaluation –Acceptance –Services –Post Employment Services –OR Directly through Tool Bar - Case Management Pull Down

  • Click on the R.T.E. icon.

  • Be sure the correct individual is highlighted on the master list.

  • The first screen to come up is the Browse Grid

  • Click on Refresh Grid to get the most recently updated information.

  • The Browse Grid will display the rehabilitation technology requests made for the individual.

  • To see the detail screen for the individual service, highlight the line and click on the Detail Tab. This will bring up the Detail Screen for that service.

  • If a new record or service request is to be entered, click on the yellow “new record” icon to get a Detail Screen

Accessing Rehabilitation Technology Consultant Services


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How do I check the service detail?

  • Clicking on the Add a record icon will display the input screen for service detail.

  • Use the pull down menu to complete the service requested.

  • Enter a narrative for how the technology might help or any other information that might be helpful to the consultant. This is required.

  • When you enter each service and narrative, click on the Save icon.•This completes the input process by counselors or technicians

How do I check the service detail?

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How do I check the status of the request?

  • To check on the progress of the request, click on the Status Tab found at the bottom of the screen.

  • The consultant will use this screen to enter the progress of the individual

  • The status screen displays all the R.T. statuses the individual is or has been in.

  • This screen can only be updated by the Rehabilitation Technology Consultant.

  • To add or update a status, click on Add or Update for each entry.

  • Go to the Status bar and using the pull down menu, enter the status.

  • Enter the date of the status change.

  • When complete, click on the save icon

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