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Picture of a USF Perceptual RobotUSF Perceptual Robotics Laboratory:  The Perceptual Robotics Laboratory is a department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering: The laboratory integrates biometric sensors on robots such as sensors that can be used to detect a person's life signs, and biomimetic research (literally meaning that we try to mimic things that are observed in the natural world, usually animal behaviors, in order to imbue a robot with some smarts). In particular, we concentrate on the coupling of perception (especially from multiple sensors) and fault tolerant perception with action through intelligent sensor fusion. We are interested in the use of cascaded, heterogeneous robots teams (aka marsupials) to cooperatively accomplish complex missions, especially using distributed and surrogate sensing. There is planned basic research in detecting biotoxins with a robot, so that an area can be searched and a determination made as to whether the area is safe before humans go in. she has done extensive research on sensor fusion, distributed sensing, Dr. Murphy’s work has realized the first autonomous implementation of a class of heterogeneous mobile robot teams known as marsupial robots, creating a low computational complexity, biomimetic-docking behavior. Research concentrates on the development of AI techniques to reduce human risk in hazardous environments. Funding sources for the lab include DARPA, ONR, NSF, and companies such as SAIC and K-Team. Dr. Murphy is listed as core staff for the center.

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